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Feryl Angelaika Gawat

Service Agent

Feryl Angelaika Gawat is a dedicated Service Agent at Converse Insurance, holding a degree in Psychology. Known for her reliability, Feryl is approachable and readily available to address any concerns you may have. Her versatile personality allows her to adapt to various situations with ease, while her innate sense of adventure is complemented by selfless resilience, perseverance, and a contemplative heart.

Outside of work, Feryl finds joy in traveling alongside her family, exploring new cuisines, and embarking on exciting ventures. She has a passion for painting and occasionally indulges in heartfelt singing, particularly during road trips. On rainy weekends, she cherishes moments watching Disney movies with her daughter.

As a valued member of Converse Insurance, Feryl is committed to ensuring your needs and concerns are heard and addressed promptly. She upholds the principles our company stands for, providing superior service to meet and exceed your expectations.

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